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Fraudsters, money launderers or even terrorists hide behind virtual addresses that obfuscate their location.

Identify them with AdressReveal.

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Global Incorporation Services

While they present an opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups, they are at risk of abuse by fraudsters, tax dodgers, and other criminals.

Shell Companies & Nominees

Business partners hiding behind shell companies registered at virtual addresses can develop into a serious liability.

Legal Enforcement

When doing business with somebody, you should know if claims under the address in question can even be enforced.

The Uses and Abuses of Virtual Offices

Today, anonymously incorporating a company anywhere in the world is easier than ever. While there are legitimate reasons for doing so, fraudsters, money launderers or even terrorists are actively trying to abuse the system.

Most anti-money laundering measures start and end with a sanctions and PEP list scan. While this step is essential, it is unhelpful when you are dealing with a shell company represented by a nominee director using mail-forwarding to obfuscate its location.

In this case, screening people against blacklist won’t yield meaningful results. What’s more: should the business relationship with such a company ever grow sour, it gets exceedingly difficult to identify the right person to sue for your money.

How AddressReveal Works

At Web Shield, we have longstanding experience with underwriting and monitoring high-risk merchants in the global card acquiring space.

In this context we have developed a whole host of methods of identifying virtual addresses, chief among them a database of more than 50 Million addresses. Web Shield has maintained this database since 2012 and our underwriters are constantly enriching it with additional relevant information.

AddressReveal puts this tools directly at your disposal and delivers a near-instant probability score for any address you enter, powered by a diverse set of investigate modules.

Virtual Address Probability Score

Monitor takes 27 different risk indicators in the four areas of Reputation, Content, Transaction Laundering and Money Laundering risk into account.

Dedicated Database

AddressReveal is built on an ever-growing enriched data set of over 50 Million addresses.

Automated Reporting

Get a PDF report with all information that factored into the final probability score.

Explore the Report
Address Validation
Does the given address even exist? We help you find out with a quick validation check.
Investigative modules
Offshore Databases
In the wake of the Panama Papers, data journalists have built impressive databases of offshore addresses. We incorporate them in our research.
Street View Analysis
With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, we analyse and classify the address’ Google Street View image.
Neighbourhood Screen
A high density of virtual offices in the vicinity might be a coincidence - but it could also mean the address in question is part of the pattern.
Connected Entities
How many entities and officers are connected to the address? A very high number is an obvious red flag.
Background Resarch
Some addresses are already known for being used by fraudsters or dubious businesses. Find out if the address in question is among them.
Anti-Money Laundering

The best anti-money laundering routines don't work when you are dealing with shell companies registered at virtual addresses. Enrich your existing anti-money laundering measures with AddressReveal's Virtual Address Probability Score:

Safely on-board new customers and ensure long-term client portfolio integrity by implementing AddressReveal in your yearly review process.

Weed out addresses associated with tax dodgers and shell companies found in the Panama Papers or similar databases.

For: Banks (especially in the area of Corporate Banking), any financial institution
Regulatory Compliance

Before on-boarding a merchant as an acquirer, you have to verify their actual physical location to be in compliance with card association rules.

For: Acquiring banks, Payment Service Providers
Identity Theft Prevention

Weed out identity thieves abusing mail-forwarding services to buy expensive goods with stolen credit cards or using a synthetic account to get a credit card issued.

For: eCommerce Merchants, Issuing Banks
Contractor Due Diligence

Vet the companies you do business with to make sure claims against their address can be enforced if something goes wrong.

For: Any business
Risk Management

Let the Virtual Address Probability Score inform your risk management: Avoid on-boarding clients with questionable virtual addresses associated with fraud or high-risk businesses.

For: Acquiring banks, Payment Service Providers, any financial Institution
White Paper

The Impact of Virtual Addresses on the Money Laundering Risk of Financial Institutions

The use of virtual addresses in connection with shell companies for money  laundering or tax evasion purposes represents a growing phenomenon and has been in the focus of the public eye since the release of the Panama and Paradise Papers.

In this study, Web Shield's CEO and Founder Christian Chmiel summarises the current regulatory situation and analyse a sample of over 53,000 addresses using an early prototype of AdressReveal's methodology.

Read the White Paper and find out more about which jurisdictions are most prone to virtual office use.

Read the White Paper

You can read or download a copy of our White Paper here.

The Impact of Virtual Addresses on the Money Laundering Risk of Financial Institutions

Thanks to the Pamana Papers, the public awareness of the use of virtual addresses for money laundering or tax evasion purposes has been growing during the last years.

Web Shield conducted a study of over 53,000 addresses that gets to the bottom of this problem specifically for the payments industry.

Photo of the German Stevie Awards awards ceremony
Best new product/service - Software - Governance - Risk & Compliance Solution

With AddressReveal (then Virtual Address Detection) still in its beta phase at the time we already won our first award: The German Stevie Award in Gold.

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